My neighbor across the street from me has a McCain/Palin sign in his yard. He rarely speaks. It’s always forced and mildly uncomfortable. He has two beautiful little girls. They play out front. They’re a bit older than my kids, but I assume eventually they will cross paths if I stay in this house for another 5 years.

I’ve decided that we need to just cut the country in half. I don’t care if it’s vertically down the middle or longitudinally. It doesn’t matter to me. But I’m moving to the Obama/Biden side. I think Palin’s a robot. I think she has an Admantium skeleton. I think we should give the McCain/Palin people half the country and we take the other half. Fuck it. Let’s just wish them Godspeed and let those fuckers rot in their fear and anger. They fear change and they’re angry that their spoils of slavery are now drying up. If you’re white and not rich yet then shame on you. You missed a boat that Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder could fuckin’ see. Sucks to be you.

My book just dropped. It’s called Sinderella: Tales of a Southside Stripper.

Cop it. Support a brutha’s grind.

This is an extremely exciting time. There’s so much shit poppin’ off right now that although I’m terrified, I’m invigorated and incredibly eager to watch the change unfold. It’s a trip when you have little kids and you live in a time of such utter flux. But part of me revels in the flux. Because we’ve lived with the ghetto birds and red dogs and batter rams for so long. The coming military occupation of North America won’t be a shock to niggas who’ve lived under martial law in the ghettos for all these years. This old Jewish film teacher told me that he was glad that gas was gonna be $12/gallon soon. He was happy that families would be forced to spend time with each other again.

The grey market just got bigger folks. The hustlers just got hungrier. The teeth of the wolves are sharper now. And the night just got darker. Can you run 6 miles in pitch black darkness? Draw water from a stone? We have just entered the final phase of our transition into Aquarius. Shed your skins while you can and allow yourselves to be reborn into this brave new world where America is but a memory of itself.

My homegirl just read this post and said, “Nigga, fuck all that shit. I gotta buy formula!”

Sinderella: Tales of a Southside Stripper.  Please support my hustle.



~ by kcjoseph on October 4, 2008.

One Response to “Finally.”

  1. Again.. You are cleverly stating what the other mofos out here are afraid to say. Yes, people – not just the racist whites – but also some of US that do not want change. Mufucca, stop dreaming about those 40 acres and a mule cuz the shit is not happening – not back then, not now, and definitely not in the future with this bail out signed by that fucking Nazi in office. There are still those who haven’t listened to a thing that Obama has said, nor have they listened to any of the debates – but when asked who they are voting for – it’s BARACK all the way. I stop and ask myself – “MUFUCCA, are you even registered to vote?!” Your voice cannot be heard without registering. A time ago, there was a test that we as blacks had to take. It was ridiculous and no one passed it. Now, there are not tests to take – just a form to fill out and we still have mufuccas not registered! Your voice cannot be heard if you aren’t willing to use it. Our voice is our strongest defense against this bullshit that is happening to ALL of us – no matter the color.

    Stay blessed KC!

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