Real Pimp Game

It’s official my people, we have been hoodwinked! We have been had! The jig is up! $700,000,000,000! I like writing it out like that so I can see all those fuckin’ zeroes. Do you remember when a million was alot? How fuckin’ long ago was that?  Hell, 30 just became the new 20 and now a billion is the new million? What the fuck?

Okay, check this shit out… The investment banks that are being bailed out should be called gambling banks. They borrow money from mega rich investors and then gamble on investments in the hopes that they will make money. Lots of money. The worst though, are the hedge funds. These financial shit-holes are not governed by any federal oversight whatsoever. They can do whatever the fuck they want. In fact, the fed allowed them to print up $3 worth of debt to every $1 in actual circulation. Then, with a real cash base of only 10-15%, when the funds are actually called due (Can you say Bear Stearns?) the bottom falls out. “Sorry, we ain’t got the money to pay our bills.” Sounds alot like the muthafukkas gettin’ they houses foreclosed on dont it? But ain’t nobody bailing they asses out! They just send the marshall to get you out the house and put your shit on the curb and call it a day. Your shit is now bank owned. But Secretary of the Treasury Paulsen (former Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs.. who’s personally worth an estimated $700,000,000 wink wink) says if the government just allows the shit to happen then there will be repercussions that will affect the American people. Yeah fuckin’ right! It’s gonna affect people like HIS ASS!! People with HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of dollars! I ain’t even got ONE fuckin’ million! So fuck Paulson! I say let the fuckin’ chips fall. 

My homeboy says the shit is like needing a root canal. The worst thing you can do is not go to the dentist. If you skip going to the dentist and just put some fuckin’ Anbesol on that shit and pop a couple of old oxycodones you got sittin’ in the cabinet then six weeks later you’ve got an abcess and 3 of your fuckin’ molars got to come out! Not pretty.

America needs a root canal baby. But instead of fixing this rotten ass tooth, they’re gonna put some Anbesol on it and take a couple Valium and 10 years from now the bottom is gonna fall the fuck out and there’s gonna be tent cities all over this bitch! Meanwhile they say Tricky Dick Cheney just bought a crib in Dubai. Wonder if that nigga got a extra room in that muthafucka.  Remember Escape from New York? Where the hell is Snake Plizkin (sp?) when you need his ass?

I hear what y’all are saying: “Scary ass nigga!” “You a part of the problem.” “The more you panic the worse things will get.”

Nigga please. You can’t even get gas where I live! You hear me? Yeah, I was a nigga who bought a generator and had 40 gallon barrels of water in my garage and water filtration kit and some new guns and ammo for Y2K, but I don’t care. I woulda made a helluva boyscout.

Do you see what the fuck is going on? They are about to make YOU pay for some shit that you don’t even benefit from. Paulson & Bernanke said to congress that they HOPE that the taxpayer will make their money back. What the fuck? HOPE? Are you fucking kidding me? Why in the fuck should we bail these fuckers out? They have whored this country out and sold away all the pussy to China and Japan and the Saudis. FUCK YOU. Let all those muthafukkas burn! Slave ships all of ’em. Built on the backs of black Africans. The spirits of those ancestors are coming back to slay the beast. Nat Turner & Sitting Bull live on.

The economic historian on Coast to Coast said that he’s got his money in silver. The days of the fiat currency are almost done. Cause when those muthafukkas come talking about the dollar is only worth 50 cents. It’s over. Pack your shit and you better already have you a place to stay wherever the hell it is you’re going. I’m thinking Africa. I ain’t fuckin’ with Israel. You can catch a SCUD just goin’ to the fuckin’ mall over there. Fuck that. Dude says that with the injection of capital in the markets he expects that we’ll have about 10 years before the implosion. I think he’s right. I hate to sound rudely capitalist but it’s time to stack like never before. The only difference now is that you have to invest wisely in assets that will hold or appreciate in value even after the hundred dollar bill is nothing more than blunt rolling paper. Livestock? An apple orchard? Some farmland? Hell yeah! How about 26″ rims on a big block Chevy V8? What the fuck do you think genius?

It’s on kids. Hope you brought your high water boots. Cuz shit’s finna get real deep! And for all y’all who laughed at my generator and my emergency rations check this shit out!



~ by kcjoseph on September 30, 2008.

4 Responses to “Real Pimp Game”

  1. Great!

    This should give responsible media outlets a greater opportunity to point out the history of how it is our economy got to where we are…beginning with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 (President Jimmy Carter); the push by the Clinton Administration to force sub-prime mortgage lenders to expand their offerings into under-qualified, high-risk groups; the money trail of industry lobbyists (esp. Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae) and their political allies (esp. Frank, Dodd, Obama, and other republicans as well); and, the efforts by the aforementioned, as well as Maxine Waters and Pelosi, to protect such industry practices via outspoken congressional opposition to reform measures.

    Abusive mindsets in government caused these problems, not capitalism, and these same folks should not be given the opportunity to wash their hands clean of history when they have meddled dangerously close to criminality.

    Pelosi never had the votes, and politics are the sole reason she brought this bill up so fast. She needs to resign! See My Site for more.

  2. Yes u are scary nicca!
    U sound like a paranoid schizophrenic..po baby
    Da Lord Jesus Christ will see us through 🙂

  3. cid:image001.jpg@01C9223A.94BCD2A0

  4. Hey politixican,

    Using the CRA of 1977 is a commonly used and bogus “conservative” talking point.
    CRA applies only to commercial banks, not independent mortgage companies, which created the majority of subprime loans. In fact, CRAs probably reduced the impact of this problem because they limited the ability for a subprime loan to be issued through banks because they were regulated. The real problems came from the institutions beyond the reach of the CRA. CRA institutions engaged in less dangerous lending, while independent mortgage companies made high-priced loans at more than twice the rate of the banks and thrifts.
    Also, 56 percent of subprime loans went to whites, so don’t even bother trying to bring race or immigration into this one….

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